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  • Medicare for All

    Massachusetts was the first state to make health care a human right. Now it’s time to lead again – toward single-payer health care – “Medicare-for-all.”

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  • Why I'm Running for Governor

    Our nation began a war on poverty when I was a young man.  We made progress, but it remains unfinished business.  In Massachusetts, we should finish it. 

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  • Apply for our Youth Fellowship

    Apply today to our Youth Fellowship program. As a fellow in this program, you'll learn a lot and will have unprecedented acces to behind the scenes of a gubernatorial campaign.

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News and Blog Posts

  • Don Berwick statement on divestment

    "Climate change is endangering the health of our planet and the security of future generations. Rising sea levels, droughts, wildfires, and unprecedented climate change-induced storms threaten our livelihood and our ability to pass on a sustainable world to our children and grandchildren.  It’s an emergency, and the changes we need are profound.  Now is a time for action. We should double down on every possible step to reduce the state’s carbon footprint.

  • Berwick: “Let’s tax pollution, not jobs”

    CAMBRIDGE – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Don Berwick proposed comprehensive environmental tax reform to charge for the true cost of carbon emissions. The reforms would aim to lower income and sales taxes for Massachusetts families, while reducing the state’s yearly carbon emissions by 10 percent.

Don Berwick for Governor

Don Berwick - The Moral Test